About me

I’m a web developer with over 10 years of experience in web application development. My primary focus is on frontend development, but I also have experience in backend development. In addition, I have self-learned UI design skills that enable me to create beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. I enjoy working with modern technologies such as React, React Native and Vue.js.

About me 2

As a frontend developer, I have worked on projects from small web applications to large e-commerce platforms. I enjoy working in teams and collaborating with designers and other developers to create efficient and effective solutions. My UI design skills allow me to understand the needs of the end-users and create user interfaces that are not only visually appealing, but also easy to use.

In my work as a backend developer, I have primarily worked on RESTful API development, databases, microservices and third-party service integration. I have experience in technologies such as Node.js, Django and Laravel. As a personal project, I’m learning about GraphQL integration with Node.js and express.

In my free time and to get out of the routine, I dedicate myself to tattoo art and illustration @mecastasis

About me 3

As a bonus: I'm also an active member of technology communities such as GDGCali where I'm co-organizer and Calijs as speaker.

This site is my online home and I use it to share knowledge, notes and thoughts on web/mobile development and design, as well as where I keep track of my work and things I find on the web that help me in my day to day professional life.